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   The National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) is the leading Seafarers Union in the country. The NUSI in co-operation with the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) set up a Welfare Trust called NUSI/ ITF Trust for Indian Seafarers and their families. The NUSI Maritime Academy was conceived at a time when Indian shipping was beleaguered with the problems of shortage of men, rapidly rising age profile of the manpower and non-induction of fresh blood. Further, with the closing down of all the three ratings training establishments by the government, the source for inflow of men was totally dried up as there was no ratings training institution in India after 1983.
   The NUSI/ ITF Trust recognising the fact that training of seafarers was totally non-existent in India, decided to set up the NUSI Maritime Academy in 1993, with the objective of:
a) Training candidates for a career in the Merchant Navy with appropriate skills, knowledge and attitude.
b) Enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitude of the existing seafarers.
c) Developing and encouraging a spirit of mutual learning between the trainees and the trainers so as to keep all parties abreast of the latest technological advancements as well as other developments in the fast changing world of shipping.

  The initiative and lead for setting up of a ratings training institution was taken up by National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) and its proposed project was duly approved by the Committee on Maritime Education and Training (COMET) which was-set up by the government. The COMET was headed by Dr. C.P. Srivastava, Secretary-General Emeritus, International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

  The NUSI Maritime Academy is the brainchild of Late Dr. Leo Barnes, General Secretary of NUSI. Being a visionary and a person of international repute on maritime labour affairs. Dr. Barnes gave a tangible shape to the entire concept of the training institution under his personal supervision.
   NUSI MARITIME ACADEMY is the only Academy of scale started by a trade union imparting technical training with a view to creating a cadre of qualified seafarers. The Academy functions under the auspices of the ITF/NUSI Welfare Trust for Indian Seafarers.
   The Academy is located 50 kms south of Dabolim Airport and 13 kms from the city of Margao. National Highway No. 17 connecting all the ports on the Konkan coast is just 3 kms away from the Academy.
  The Academy is situated in the village of Sucaldem, Chinchinim, Goa. It is nestled amidst 35 acres of lush green coconut and cashew plantations at the confluence of two branches of picturesque river Sal that flows past before joining the Arabian Sea.
  The NMA functions under the Captain Superintendent (CS) who is the overall incharge of the Academy. The CS liaisons with the Chairman on all matters concerning NUSI Maritime Academy.