The faculty of NUSI Maritime Academy, Goa, is headed by Captain Superintendent who is ably assisted by Chief Engineers, Master Mariners and other experienced and competent instructors.


The Academy is designed to provide pre and post sea training courses in all branches of the merchant shipping, including mandatory courses required by STCW Convention. The Academy will also institute upgradation courses specifically designed to cater to the needs of seafarers desirous of updating their knowledge and skills. Every effort has been made to ensure that the training provided in the Academy prepares the trainee for a career in the Merchant Navy and living conditions on the campus are made to simulate to the maximum extent possible the living conditions on the ship.

All trainees have to learn to do their own work, clean campus compound, class room, living spaces, toilets, wash places, catering and laundering areas which would correspond to clean ship with the motto "everything in its place and a place for each thing." Trainees are given maximum hands on experience so as to enable them to be self sufficient on high seas, in port and at all times. The translation of the word "Anubhav" in English is "experience". But the connotation of the word "Anubhav" is so deep that it implies experience at physical as well as mental levels.

The Academy has a capacity for 200 trainees at a time. The daily routine of the trainees is scheduled on the following basis:-

5:30 Reveille
06:00 Fall in, Physical Training
06:30 Cleanship
07:15 Bath/Change to uniform/Breakfast
08:30 Parade Training
08:50 Fall in
09:00 Classes (Lecture/Practical)
11:00 Tea
11:10 Classes (Lecture/Practical)
13:10 Lunch
13:50 Fall in
14:00 Classes (Lecture/Practical)
17:00 End of classes
17:00 Tea
17:30 Games/Swimming/Boat pulling/Computer Training/library/Hobbies
18:30 Bath/Change to uniform
19:00 Dinner
19:45 Self study/Library
21:30 Fall in/Rounds by staff/Last post/Lights off